Cookie Jam Hack – Unbiased Review

Hello Pips, Matthew here. Cookie Jam Logo

I heard that you are looking for a software that can instantaneously make you rich right? What am I talking about? In cookie jam you silly. Yeah, I’m talking about that game. Unfortunately, you need to listen first to what I have to say before downloading the cookie jam hack. If you don’t have time, scroll at the middle to get the link. Jeez.

For those who are reading this, I want to ask if how many hacks did you try to actually cheat your cookie jam account? 1? 5? Such noobs, I literally tried more than 10 of the said cookie jam hacks available. Do you want to know if most of them works? They didn’t, but  2 of them worked. You need to follow some precautions though, like don’t use it more than once a week and use incognito or private browsing. It’s also hard to get, I needed to upload the cookie jam hack in my own server just to share it with my friends.

I found it in a private server,if you will ask me where did I get it. It was made my hakuoo, a japanese facebook game hacker. The site is mostly in japanese so I can’t understand most of it. Good thing that the cookie jam hack is in english.

Here is the private link I used to share with my friends. LINK

I made this blog for the benefit of those gamers that didn’t have the time to play the game. So, I will make an uncensored review about Cookie Jam.

I will not start the review by telling you that this game is just a rip off of Candy crush saga. Oh my, I said it. I already know that you have an idea of the gameplay. Swap the cakes and candies, blew them, and win. For this game, you need to follow some recipes, by making them in pairs of three. After which, the cake on the top left will be filled with stars and the game will eventually be finish. How fast is that?

I hate about this game is the game play. Com’on, there is no originality developers! That makes your games hackable by Nippon guys.

What I love about this game is the colors and simpleness of the game. Yes, the aesthetics are nice for the eyes. I don’t know, I just see it more vibrant and solid than Candy crush saga. I also like the combinations. The combos that the candies make is more than the original.

Enough with the game because it is just the game we already know. Let’s go with the hack.

Cookie Jam Hack

Just an ordinary hacking application. No glitters and sparkles. It is ugly and simple, but working. Haha! They say, don’t judge the book by its cover. If you are using the browser based game, you don’t need to check the device boxes. Just open your game in incognito or private browsing then, click connect. It will ping. Listen. You need to click the Anti-Ban and Proxy, it is clicked by default. Click the arrow down button to select how much credits you will amusingly want to credit in the game. It is from 10 – 1000. You can’t get too abusive in entering 9999999. It will not work. Simple enough, click hack. It will load and wait for the Ping sound. Yeah, we love those Pings. Close the application and refresh your browser or game. If you are using it in a device. Just plug your device and do the same. Close and Retry the game to make it work.

One note to remember. don’t abuse this software to let it work longer. I smack your head you do. Just kidding. Happy playing everyone. Chow!